Kyrie Irving is live on Instagram and he’s the most majestic human to ever live

Kyrie Irving has finally broken his silence on the whole vaccine situation, and it was the greatest statement I’ve ever heard a man give. I can’t lie, watching this thing I was terrified that he was gonna retire, but he assured us he was staying in shape and is gonna get back on the court as soon as he can.

To paraphrase, he basically said fuck the division in this country, fuck the media trying to paint him negatively, he supports all those who are unvaccinated, he supports all those who are vaccinated, he’s not retiring, and he looks forward to winning a championship with the Nets this season. I LOVE THIS MAN.

If you are still hating on Kyrie Irving you’re just an idiot. Plain and simple. All the people who hate the guy like to hide behind the excuse of him being a distraction and all that, but those people clearly have never listened to the guy talk. He’s not doing this to bring attention onto himself, he’s doing it to stand up for what he believes in, and he doesn’t care what the assholes on ESPN are gonna say about him.

But what really got me jacked is when he talked about not retiring, staying in shape, and winning a championship. As a Nets fan, those words were orgasmic. It really put into perspective how completely moronic and uneducated people are on Kyrie Irving. If you thought he was retiring, you’re stupid. If you thought (or think) he’s getting traded, you’re stupid. If you think he doesn’t care about basketball or the Nets, you’re stupid. If you just listened to him talk for two seconds instead of demonizing him you’d realize that he’s actually extremely passionate about basketball, and is the furthest thing away from retirement.

Not to make this about me, but I think I would literally die for this man if he asked me to. If he comes down with COVID and needs vaccinated blood to be cured, I will slit my own wrists, put my blood into Ziploc bags, crawl on my hands and knees into Brooklyn and drop it off at his doorstep. And, if you listened to the live, you’d know that the feeling is mutual. He said that he’s “rocking” with people who are vaccinated too, and that would be me.

If you are reading this and your name happens to be Kyrie Irving just know that I love you, and I will literally do anything for you. ANYTHING. Text me at 973-389-3260, if you need a kidney, a history lesson on the UFC lightweight division, or just wanna chat with a friendly fella. Love you.

PS, this guys gonna be on the court by Christmas.


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