Kyrie Irving is coming back to Brooklyn

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I once said that Kyrie Irving would be back by Christmas. I was ridiculed for this take. Who’s laughing now? Shams said today that the Nets are more optimistic that Kyrie’s gonna play this season, and I have a feeling we’re gonna see him sooner than we think.

The reason behind this optimism is that KD and Kai have been communicating a lot more lately, and this is absolutely phenomenal news. And lemme tell you, I would pay ANY amount of money to see what these two have been communicating about behind closed doors. Is it hoops? Politics? Females? As a single man, I would 100% consult Kyrie on relationship issues, and I guarantee you Kevin Durant does too.

Everyone and their mothers all doubted Kyrie, who didn’t? This guy. If Santa could bring me anything for Christmas, and I mean anything, it would be to watch Kyrie Irving drop 40 on Lebron on Christmas. He’ll never say it, but he despises LeBron, and he’d definitely wanna ruin his Christmas.

Seriously though, we’re gonna add Kyrie Irving to a team that’s already the number one seed in the east. C’mon now. It’s a wrap. Even if he just plays the away games, that’s all we need. I love Harden, but he’s just not enough. Kyrie will carry this team offensively, and look unbelievably cute while doing it.

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Noah Gagnon

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