Konami Confirms Arcade, Castlevania and Contra Collections, And We Want Them All

Ready for some old-school goodness? Because you’re just about to get it.

After weeks of rumors that it would be producing such compilations, Konami FINALLY confirmed tonight that it will bring an Arcade Collection, along with a Castlevania Collection and Contra Collection, to all platforms. The Arcade package is set to arrive on April 16 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC digitally for $19.99, while the Contra and Castlevania collections, which will likely be around the same price, drop in early summer, also digitally.

So far, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s been confirmed. Here’s the rundown for Arcade Collection, which includes a number of favorites from the Gradius and arcade shooter line-up, as well as the original Castlevania arcade release, Haunted Castle.

Next up, the Castlevania Collection looks pretty nice, including Castlevania, the Game Boy version of Simon’s Quest (instead of the NES one), Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, and Super Castlevania IV. Four mystery games are also included, and none of them are Symphony of the Night. That means we COULD see Bloodlines finally get a re-release, along with the Dracula X games. Fingers crossed!

Last but not least, there’s Contra, and it comes packing. It’ll feature the original Contra arcade game, Super Contra arcade, Super C NES and Contra III: The Alien Wars for SNES. Four mystery games are also included here, which means we could possibly get Contra: Hard Corps from the Genesis library, as well as Contra Rebirth from the Wii days.

Bonus books are also included, likely breaking down the history of each of these respective franchises. Not a bad deal at all.

We’ll let you know what other great arcade games get revealed in the months ahead. But, heck yeah, we’re excited! Which of these will you buy first?!

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