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Knicks Fans Create “King Of New York? Prove It” Billboard

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As the NBA season draws to an end it seems as if just like every other year one of the biggest questions are, “Where is LeBron going to end up, for next season?”

Fans from all over the United States are making their pitch to recruit the current Cleveland Calaliers superstar. Which isn’t a suprise to any of us, as this every couple of years when LeBron decided its time to change teams.

The Billboard is in response to LeBrons post “You’re welcome… king of NY” post four months ago.

New York was one of LeBrons top destination spot for James back during his 2010 free agency, when he signed with the Miami Heat.

As for Knicks fans they’re praying that LeBron will come end their five-year playoff drought and also help it win its first championship since 1973.

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