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Kirk Minihane Wants KMarko Fired From Barstool Sports. @kirkmin @Kmarkobarstool #FireKMarko

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Trouble in paradise? Barstool Sports is a culture of drama and pushing content, if you do not understand that then you will never understand the Barstool brand. KMarko (Keith) and Kirk Minihane find themselves in the midst of a drama filled feud if you can even call this a feud? Apparently, Kirk has a theory that KMarko, Barstool Sports, Editor -in- Chief does not like him.


Kirk’s theory seems to stem from Kmarko not doing his job as the Editor of Barstool Sports but, that could just be the Barstool culture of throwing each other under the bus to make yourself look better in Dave’s eye, and that is what makes Barstool, Barstool.

Dave’s take on this whole feud is that this is Kirks attempt at ‘cancel culture’ but Twitter just seems to think its Keith not doing his job, I personally think Keith needs someone to help him and maybe thats Dave.

Here is a hot take as well that one twitter user had and in this case I kind of agree, it would only be fair but, I don’t want to see Keith fired.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the hashtag, #FireKmarko is trending in under an hour because that seems to be what the Stoolies want, not me though.


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