Kirk Cousins Is Against The Vaccine And Winning More Than 8 Games

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Kirk Cousins who is known more for yelling “You like that!” then doing anything on the football field, has been a trailblazer of saying the dumbest things during the pandemic. Just last year he said “If I die I die” in regards to the virus itself. Kirk just recently returned from COVID-19 protocol so he has been impacted by the virus. Instead of going out and getting his shots, Kirk would rather live in a bubble like Sandy Cheeks. He says he will keep his distance from others just like the ball keeps its distance from Justin Jefferson after Kirk overthrows him. The vaccine may not be 100% but it significantly lowers your chances of contracting the virus and if you do get it, your symptoms will be mild to minimal. My question is why is Kirk so scared of the vaccine? The only logical explanation is he thinks the vaccine will cause him to be a better quarterback. He knows that he’d have to win, live up to that insane contract, plus beat Aaron Rodgers, and those are things that Kirk Cousins just can’t be apart of him. He is an average quarterback with even less self awareness in real life than he does on the field.

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