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Kipnis on tear to begin MLB Spring Training.

Jason Kipnis didn’t have the year that many people said he would have. Kipnis battled injuries all season and wasn’t near the top caliber player he had been previously.

As one of the Cleveland Indians better player and starting second baseman, Kipnis injuries left a void in the batting order and the field.

The evidence came in the Indians playoff series against the New York Yankees last season. After a year where the Indians landed with the second best record in MLB with 102 wins and 60 loses, the Tribe looked poised to make a long postseason run.

But the Yankees ended the Cleveland World Series hype after winning the opening series 3 games to just 2 for the Tribe.

A contributing factor may have been the loss of “Kip” , whom helped the Indians get to the World Series against the Chicago Cubs in 2016. After playing 156 games in 2016, Kipnis managed only 90 in 2017. Even when he did play, Kip didn’t look like the same old Kip.

Fast forward to spring training 2018 and the Indians are looking mighty yet again, and who is help led this charge, but the one and only Jason Kipnis.

Kip is back playing second base and belting the ball deep, having multi hit homerun games this spring. His fascinating play earned him a day of rest recently as well.

After going through an offseason full of trade rumors, one has to wonder if this surge can carry over to the regular season. After the Indians unimpressive offseason, especially the lose of first baseman Carlos Santana, a man like Kip is needed.

If Kipnis can carry this ply into the regular season the tribe will have a deadly bat once again in the number 2 spot in there batting order.

If the Indians are to win 100+ games and return to the World Series Kipnis and other returning starters must combined with offseason acquisitions such as first baseman Yonder Alonso to give the Indians strong pitching staff offensive support.

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