Khalil Mack Tossing Around a 340 Pound Tristan Wirfs is Absurd

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It is now confirmed that Khalil Mack is not human. After recording the sack on Tom Brady, Khalil Mack throws Tristan Wirfs on the ground like a rag doll. Wow, welcome to the NFL Tristan Wirfs that is the moment you can tell your future kids that you knew you were made the NFL being thrown around like you are a sack of potatoes.

This should definitely be XRated content because that is absolutely insane that Khalil is able to throw a 300 pound plus many like he is nothing with ONE ARM no less. I guess Khalil is just that dude.

Crazy to think the Raiders actually traded a corner stone defensive player away. Will always be crazy to me that the Raiders wouldn’t just pay this man. In other news Khalil Mack is one strong dude.

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