Khabib Dominates Again… Whatever, Dude

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Undefeated, Schlundefeated, mundefeaded, dundefeated, who cares? Yeah he murdered Justin Gaethje, yeah he destroyed Dustin Poirier, yeah he annihilated Conor McGregor, so what, I refuse to accept Khabib as my GOAT.

So, for those who may have missed it, Khabib submitted Justin Gaethje via triangle choke at Fight Island today. After the fight, Nurmogemedov announced his retirement, stating he didn’t want to fight without his father being present. Valid reason for retirement? Sure. But, man, am I gonna miss this guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I rooted against this guy every time he stepped in the cage, and he was an all-time sports hate guy. Despite the fact that he dominated virtually every second of every round he ever participated in, I always got the vibe that his opponent was one punch away from putting Khabib to sleep. It never happened, of course, but man was it fun to root for.

Yeah Khabib crushed my hopes of watching him lose every time he fought, but I just feel like he’s walking away from so much. We never saw him fight at a weight other than 155, we never got the Tony Ferguson fight, and I always wanted to see him fight Brian Ortega, and we won’t see that one either. Unfortunately, Khabibs reasoning for retirement is rock solid, so I’m fairly confident this is gonna be the last time he’s in the cage. With that in mind, I guess I’ll just have to take the role of any hater and pick apart the guys legacy in hindsight. So, see you at the GOAT debate, Khabib.

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