KFC Breaks TV At Barstool HQ While Attempting To Balance Bat | @KFCBarstool @barstoolsports

Well, that escalated quickly.

On tonight’s episode of the Barstool Rundown with John ‘Feits’ Feitelberg and Jeff ‘Vibbs’ Vibbert, Kevin ‘KFC’ Clancy probably owes another TV or some money to buy a new one to the El Presidente as he broke one on set while trying to balance it live on the top of his hand.

You can see between the 5 and 6 minute marks that KFC was balancing the bat on his fingers—and the results from that, it didn’t go well.

Bet it will be a fun meeting coming in the next couple nights regarding this incident.

He probably won’t have to do that balancing act again in the near future.


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