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Kevin Clancy aka KFC From Barstool Sports With Scumbag Tweet Of The Year – Hoax City – Tiger Woods | Barstool Trends On Twitter

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I can’t lie as someone who consumes content from The Pirate Ship aka Barstool Sports, I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve been through all of the jokes that have been made over the years but today Kevin Clancy aka KFC decided to pull the biggest scumbag move after news regarding Tiger Woods being in a terrible car accident came out.

At first a couple of Twitter users reported about the accident and instead of showing any respect or waiting until the accident was or wasn’t confirmed he decided to call everything a hoax.

After the first tweet he even doubled down after LA County Sherriff reported it:

He then made a joke about other times that there have been a hoax going around:

He even made a weird comment about the Jaws to Life being used. Didn’t seem sympathetic at all.

KFC is one of the most hateful people at Barstool – he’s went at it with just about every aspect of the Internet. But honestly people in car accidents I didn’t think would be one. But it’ll get the clicks for him and pay the bills.

Barstool is trending on Twitter because of this:

Yikes. KFC did end up issuing a statement:

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