Kendra Lust’s “Beauty & The Beast” Podcast is a “Must Listen” For Guys Everywhere. @kendralust @jmarquezmma

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World renowned porn star Kendra Lust has proven she has another well rounded talent. She and MMA fighter Julian Marquez have a man excellent podcast where they talk about nearly anything.

As found in the Apple “Podcast” app, it states the following

”Adult film star Kendra Lust & UFC fighter Julian Marquez dive in to daily encounters such as picking up women, how to do business, saving money, Fight talk, Adult entertainment and more.”

I have a listen to the most recent podcast featuring UFC fighter Erik Anders and it was definitely entertaining. They have a variety of guests o. The show, but oftentimes spend their time conversing about nearly anything that comes to mind. Lust and Marquez have an excellent chemistry and I have no doubt their podcast audience will continue to grow.

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