Kendra Lust Interviews Suspended Catholic High School OnlyFans Model


On the latest edition of the “Beauty & The Beast” podcast, adult star Kendra Lust and MMA fighter Julian Marquez brought on 18-year-old Mila Morrison as their guest.

Morrison was recently suspended for a week from St. Luke’s Catholic High School in New York when her OnlyFans account was discovered by her principal. She told Lust and Marquez she was doing the interview from Ontario, Canada. Her parents work in Canada and she decided to join them there because of the suspension fallout. All of her classes are being conducted online due to the virus pandemic now. She said she believes a jealous classmate “ratted her out” to the principal.


She said she is making a lot of money on OnlyFans and wants to use it to pay for college. She’s only been doing it since April, but she’s become so popular, she now has a management team. She hopes to become a medical lab technician. Marquez brought up that Kendra Lust is still a registered nurse (she graduated from the University of Michigan).

Morrison said her parents were shocked at first to discover what she was doing. When they saw how much money she was making they told her to continue because it’s a legal and honest living.

Lust and Morrison both teased the idea of possibly filming adult content together in the future. Lust said they didn’t know if it would be for OnlyFans or in an actual movie yet.

Morrison uses the name Bunni Asian on her social media. As of today, her Twitter bio says she is a “previous St. Luke student”.

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