Kellyanne Conway Allegedly Posted A Picture Of Her 16 Year Old Daughter, Claudia, Naked! Claudia Responds on TikTok

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Wow! Kellyanne Conway has absolutely lost her mind. I’ve heard that there have been reports that her relationship with her daughter, Claudia, was rocky but today was pretty crazy.

Kellyanne allegedly posted a topless picture of her daughter Claudia. She posted it as a Fleet on Twitter. Since, the picture has been deleted. Her daughter is only 16 years old. Posting someone’s nudes, especially your underage daughters has to top the list on top scumbag moves.

Now Twitter users are saying that Kellyanne deserves to go to jail.

In a TikTok video Claudia claimed that she knows the picture and that her mom took a picture of it on her phone:


This all comes after videos surfaced of Claudia being abused?

Wow! Props to Claudia. I hope she is okay. I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes right now.

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