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Did Kelly Stafford Just Admit That Matthew Stafford Didn’t Have Fun In Detroit? | Los Angeles Rams

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In a recent Instagram story Kelly Stafford the wife of new Rams QB posted that ‘This is when you know he is having fun’ to an image of Stafford posing with his teammate and showing off some swag.

Does this mean he didn’t have any fun in Detroit? Well to be fair, he probably didn’t have any fun in Detroit. I love Strafford but there wasn’t too many times to be happy in Detroit.

He is in a new atmosphere and completely different coaching environment. As a Lions fan, it’s nice to see Stafford happy. Although I feel like he has a lot of pressure on him to win – I think he’ll get it done.

Speaking of Kelly Stafford her and Matthew have had some fun during the past – click here to check her out!

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