Kelly and Matthew Stafford Hottest NFL Couple? Detroit Lions to Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford has always been one of my favorite NFL players, but personally as a Lions fan, I always enjoyed what his wife had to say.

Kelly became a huge supporter of the Lions and would constantly post about them. Heck, I sat by here once during a Monday Night game before I was kicked out.

An experience of a lifetime.

After that she would reply to my reaction to Lions games!

It was a great time! But you know what? Matthew and Kelly seem to have a lot of great times together. This is a rockstar couple! One that isn’t like most. This is a couple who truly has each other’s back.

I mean… what a good looking couple! NFL quarterback and a former cheerleader?

If you’d like to see the hottest pictures of Kelly, click here! She had a lot of bikini pics! Just like the one below!


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