Keemstar Is A Moron! Goes After Mike Majlak To Donate His Book Sales To The People He That Bought Drugs From Him Because He’s Ruined Lives – @Keemstar @MikeMajlak

I’m so sick of seeing this fucking loser on the Internet. WELCOME BACK DRAMA ALERT NATION… I’m your host…. A fucking loser. I’ve never been so annoyed of an Internet creator in my life.

Keemstar is such a moron.

Today Mike Majlak and Keemstar started going to it and Keemstar started to bring up Mike’s past, saying that he’s ruined peoples lives because of drugs. Then went on to say that Majlak should donate all the money he made off of selling his book. All because Mike Majlak called him out for being a racist.

Keemstar has constantly been going after Mike since Mike started popping up. Keem’s also never liked the Paul brothers who Mike happens to live with one of them.

Go figure that this is happening! What a loser.

Keem is such a moron!

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