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Kayakers Almost Crushed by Rocks at Pictured Rocks in Upper Peninsula (Video)

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A group of kayakers barely missed a giant and few small pieces of rock that were falling off the sandstone cliffs at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the Upper Peninsula a couple days ago. 

Today, there is new footage is released of the giant rock that was falling down to Lake Superior. 

According to Andrew LaCombe of WLUC-TV6, Maxim Rigaux, of Chicago, recorded some of the small rocks falling down from the Rocks and stopped when he first thought he got the recordings he wanted. 

However, Rigaux went on to also record the massive piece of rock as it was falling near the kayakers. 

The YouTube video posted by Rigaux can be viewed below. (Caution: explicit language) 

As Rigaux was in shock when he finished taping, he continued kayaking away from the falling rock site. 

“We thought the worst was over, and then actually, I don’t know why, I just started recording another one,” Rigaux said. “You’re beneath the massive rockfall and you have no idea how much more will fall down.” 

“It was quite frightening, especially for a few seconds,” Rigaux added. 

Upon returning to shore after witnessing that moment, Rigaux has offered a perspective for any time for people are near cliffs to use caution whether if it’s on the land or on the water. 

“Because it’s so beautiful, but at the same time you start to realize how dangerous it can be,” Rigaux said.

Despite the close call, none of the 18 kayakers that were near the cliffs were hurt. 

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