Kawhi Leonard On Jimmy Kimmel Was The Best Part Of 2020

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Kawhi Leonard has always been an interesting guy. We have never really seen much of his personality, no one knows too much about his personal life. That’s why his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night was a rare opportunity to see the real Kawhi Leonard. The appearance lived up to the hype.

This was GREAT. Kawhi was weird but funny all at once on Kimmel. My favorite part was when Kimmel asked about Leonard’s hand size. Leonard had a great response, saying how his big hands can cause a disadvantage. Such as how he can’t even put his hands in his pocket. I’m so glad Kimmel somehow convinced Kawhi to come on. This is a guy who has no social media at all. So when we get to hear from Kawhi, we must take advantage of that.

11 minutes of a great listen. Never change Kawhi.

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