Karl Malone Says That Zion Needs To Get Into Shape. Twitter Reacts When He Calls Zion A ‘Kid’ Yikes.

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Karl Malone is the last person that should be talking about peoples ages. Twitter is coming after Karl Malone after he ‘calls out’ Zion for being out of shape. Obviously Twitter is heavily coming after Karl Malone because he referenced the word ‘kid’ when talking about Zion and we all know or should know that Malone raped a 13 year old when he was 20. Rough day for Karl if he has a Twitter but screw that guy.

Twitter is a unforgiving and ruthless place so he deserves people clowning him because that is a disgusting act and he never paid for it. Funny that Michael Jordans son is aloud to speak. Malone should not be able to speak in a public forum.

In short screw you Karl Malone.

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