Karen is Screaming at the Top of her Lungs to Let You Know She Has a Breathing Problem and Can’t Wear a Mask

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Ohhhhhh Karennnnnnn. This lovely citizen wants you to know that she can’t wear a mask at Trader Joe’s because she has a breathing problem. Pandemic be damned, she’s still going to go to a grocery store and breathe all over the veggies because the Constitution says she can. Don’t believe her? Look it up, bucko.

For a lady with a breathing problem she’s got some PIPES! I think we should be applauding this woman instead of tearing her down. Sure it’s super selfish and dangerous for her to be walking around an essential business with no regard for the general public. Sure she could have anyone close to her do her shopping if it’s dangerous for her to wear a mask. But cmon now, she’s defying the odds here screaming like that. You heard it from her own mouth! She can’t breathe properly! And she’s screaming her ass off!

Karen won’t let her breathing problem define her. It’s not going to tear her down. She’s gonna scream all over that Trader Joe’s (without the hindrance of a mask) despite the awful hand she was dealt in this game we call life. Bravo, Karen. Bravo!

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