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Karen Calls Police on 8 Year Old Black Boy Riding Toy Dirt Bike In Front Of His House, Told Police It’s A Black Man Although She Knows The Family

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A video shared on Facebook by Lawyer Ben Crump shows a white lady who called the cops on a young eight year old black boy for riding his toy bike.

The lady even tried to play the ‘your husband is a cop, you’d think he’d know the law” but the law says you cant ride an actual dirt bike on the road.

And during the police call the lady reportedly said that it was a BLACK MAN, not a young boy.

Ben Crump’s post read:

This woman called POLICE on an 8-year-old Black boy for riding a toy dirt bike in front of his house – after ignoring white kids doing the same thing. This behavior is DISGUSTING and hypocritical. If you have a problem like this, take it up with a kid’s parents.. not the police. Who knows what happens when cops arrive?

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