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Kansas City Chiefs Release Tight End In Surprise Move; Travis Kelce Visits With Cincinnati!

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The Kansas City Chiefs made headlines recently at the tight end position. It seems as if teams have been waiving players left and right all season long, and the Chiefs are no different. It was announced on November 20th that Kansas City had released tight end Daniel Brown.

In other Chiefs news, star tight end Travis Kelce recently returned to his alma mater of the University of Cincinnati where he watched the men’s basketball team play.

Kelce had the following to say about his recent visit to his alma mater.

“We have some Illinois guys in the facility so I’ll be able to talk a little smack and hold a little weight over them,” Kelce told The Enquirer. “But I think it’s a lot of fun just to see Cincy come over here in ‘Big 12 Country’ where we’ll see the program in the future. It’s exciting. Cincinnati is home for me just like Kansas City is, so it’s cool to see them come here and get a dub.”

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