Kansas Basketball to Face Major NCAA Violations

The Kansas University (KU) Men’s Basketball program will be facing a stiff amount of NCAA violations before this season begins. 

First reported by the Kansas City Star on Twitter, the program will be facing up to two NCAA Level 1 suspensions, that tie into the pay-to-play recruiting tactics investigation by the FBI. 

A Level 1 violation is a violation that carries the most punishment. This may include a possible postseason ban and loss of scholarships. 

One of the stories of a possible allegations came when a former Adidas employee testified in court that he orchestrated and made $90,000 payments to the mother of KU player Billy Preston. He also made another $22,500 payment to guardians of Silvio De Sousa.

De Sousa was reportedly suspended by the NCAA for two years and that employee was sentenced to probation as a result of the trial.

De Sousa and Preston Sitting on the bench before a KU game.

Another allegation occurred when a text message revealed that the employee was in contact with De Sousa’s guardian at the time. 

Rules have stated that a third party booster is not allowed to provide any type of money or gifts to the recruit or the recruit’s parents/guardians. 

Kansas is not the first school to be affected in the violations as Arizona head coach Sean Miller was also cited for violations in the recruitment of forward/center DeAndre Ayton. 

KU has 90 days to respond, then they’ll have 60 days to file a ‘reply back’ and a official statement of that cause. 

Then they’ll be involved in a hearing to see if any causes are violated. Then afterwards if the school is penalized, they can appeal. 

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