Kamaru Usman to Rematch Colby Covington in November

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I think we all saw this one coming, but the UFC is targeting a rematch between Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman and top contender Colby Covington for its November card. The two met back in December 2019, with Usman winning by 5th round KO, but this was certainly the toughest fight of Usman’s title reign, which explance the UFC’s willingness to grant the rematch.

Since Khabib retired, Usman has easily been the most dominant fighter on the UFC roster, but the only guy to give him any sort of trouble has been Colby. In the first fight, all three of the judges gave at least one round to Colby, and one judge even had it 2-2, which is unheard of adversity for a guy as unstoppable as Usman. Extracurriculars aside, I’m just excited to see Usman have to work inside the Octagon. He’s breezed through every title fight except the Colby one, so I really think the threat of actual competition is gonna bring the best out of Usman. And, Colby really does have the style that’s required to beat a guy like Usman, but I still think it would be an all-time upset if he were able to pull it off.

But perhaps the most interesting part of this fight is gonna be the build-up outside of the cage. These two went at it pretty aggressively prior to the first fight, as Colby’s notorious for being one of the sport’s most personal trash talkers. This is a guy who called Brazil a dump and took shots at LeBron James’ mother. Nothing is over the line with Colby. The question is what’s he gonna say to a guy that already knocked him out? Are we gonna see Colby humbled in the war of words? Usman already got him inside of the cage, maybe he’ll get him on the mic this time too.

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