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Justin Ruyle – Hit and Run on little 5 year old!

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Justin Ruyle should be in jail right now after crossing over the road and hitting young 5 year old, Yusha, while he was riding his bike.

According to a petition started by the little mans family:

My little brother, Yusha, was involved in a hit and run. He was seen riding his bike on the right side of the road, moments before Justin Ruyle, who should have been on the opposite side of the road, came on Yusha’s side in a Tundra truck, causing Yusha to be admitted in a hospital for 8 sutures (stitches.) 

The Watauga Police Department has yet to arrest the man, although they know exactly who he is. The woman in the car with him even turned him in, and we are seeking justice in hopes that he does not do this to another child. Please sign this petition to ensure no other child has to go through was Yusha is going through!!

At this point my family is looking at medical and legal fees. Everyone has been asking how they can help. Signing this petition, spreading the word, attending our protest tomorrow or donating would be the best thing you could possibly do right now.

Please help, I promise we would do it for your kid. Here you can find all the ways to help:

UPDATE: People started reaching out letting me know that Justin has been arrested for doing this. CLICK HERE FOR HIS MUGSHOT!!

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