Justin Bieber Is Getting Into Professional Boxing | @justinbieber

In his new music video, released at midnight last night, Bieber takes on a Jake Paul Rocky Balboa inspired persona to become the champion of the world. What is very strange in this video, is how they CGI away his body covered in tattoos. I am not really sure the point of that, as if it would be unfathomable for a professional boxer to be covered in ink? Bizarre to say the least.

As always with the Biebs, the song slaps as he can do no wrong when he puts those famous boyhood vocals up to the microphone. Noticeably absent from this music video, from whom was ever so apparent in his previous video, was the absolute bombshell niece of world famous Spanish celebrity, Hillary Lynn Thomas Hilària Baldwiñ. Hailey, who has dabbled in the sweet science as evidenced by the photos below, for some reason wasn’t asked to use her assets for the making of the Biebs latest video.

Hailey Baldwin is a total knockout as she works up a sweat in a boxing ring for Love Advent Calendar
LOVE Advent 2017 Hailey Baldwin exposes pert derriere in sexy lingerie | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV |

Now, I know some of you reading this are justifying your miserable life by hating on JB, or even daring to say that his wife “isn’t all that great” (which is fucking laughable as you sit there with your stomach folding over the elastic of your raggedy undergarments), but let me just tell you that some things are inevitable in life. You will die a miserable useless loser with a horseshoe hairline that would make Larry David envious, and Justin Bieber will continue to dominate the existence of humanity.

Watch the new music video below:

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