Just A Reminder That Lebron’s Basketball IQ Is Insane

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One of the many things that make Lebron great at basketball is his knowledge of the game. The dude is a freak athletically but then you add his basketball knowledge it’s just not fair. The way he plays the game, you can see how smart he is towards the game of basketball. Who the hell knows a team’s play better than the team itself? Well, Lebron does. This isn’t the first time we have seen Lebron show off his basketball knowledge. Throwback to the time that he went play by play in detail talking about all his turnovers and mistakes in the eastern conference finals versus the Celtics.

Truly insane, I wish I could be half as good and half as smart when it comes to basketball as Lebron. There are many examples of Lebron’s former teammates talking about his basketball knowledge and how insane it is. No matter what you’re feelings towards Lebron are, because yes he says some cringy and annoying things. Such as “I’ve always been a guy that lets my game do the trash-talking” like admit that you talk shit sometimes and people would respect you more. But no matter what you think about Lebron, you have to admit this is just insane.

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