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Julien Solomita announced on Twitch that he is engaged to early Barstool Sports employee and now famous YouTuber, Jenna Marbles

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Content creator Julien Solomita announced on Twitch today that he is now engaged to Jenna Marbles.

Yep, that Jenna Marbles. If you’ve been following her for years you’d know that she got her start at creating content while being one of the original content creators at Barstool Sports. Then she moved on, trashed them, and started doing her own thing. Needless to say that ended up working out for her still.

Twitter is blowing up about the couple getting engaged:

Jenna and Julien have been together since 2013 and according to distractify the couple has recently purchased a house.

Marbles and Solomita have been making content online for people for years. To the point that some of their fans look up to them as parents.

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