Julianna Pena is Trying to get Herself Killed

Following Amanda Nunes’ first round slaughter at UFC 259, Bantamweight Julianna Pena is aggressively calling out the champ. Check it out.

This is a real ‘oh no baby, what is you doin’ situation, isn’t it? Like is Pena trying to get decapitated? She claims to be the best wrestler in the division, but you know who’s definitely a better wrestler? Amanda Nunes, and a better striker and a better grappler, and a better fighter, and honestly probably a better freaking golfer or whatever else they’d compete in. You know Pena’s in trouble when the basis of all her trash talk is a Cat Zingano fight that happened in 2014. It’s not like Nunes has won 12 straight fights since then…

Like why, why would you do this? Calling Amanda Nunes fat??? She’ll literally decapitate you!!! And saying you’ll have Amanda laying in the fetal position? If she wanted to Amanda could literally not train for this fight, roll out of bed, and still put Pena in the hospital, so why wake the beast??

But if you actually think about it, Pena does seem to have the right mindset here. She’s also got a win over a common opponent, and is a matchup nightmare for Amanda, so who knows, maybe Pena gets it done. Just kidding. Nunes first round KO.


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