Julia Rose’s Ban From MLB Events/Games Doesn’t Stop Her from Flashing Gerrit Cole | @JuliaRose_33

Yes, you got that right. Julia Rose is at it again with her flashing ways!

The famous model/influencer and founder of online magazine SHAGMAG once again flashed her boobs on 2020 MLB Opening Night to now-New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole—this time she did it from her own home.

The ironic thing that happened with that flash is that Cole is pitching in the same ballpark (Washington’s Nationals Park) in which it happened, but unlike Game 5 of last year’s World Series, there was no fans.

For those who don’t remember, Julia and her friend, Lauren Summer, flashed their boobs to the world on TV last October. Their other friend, Kayla Lauren, wasn’t around when they did it.

The reaction was a big shock and awe to a lot of sports fans, but the league and security were not happy about it. The league with them and it resulted with the three ladies getting banned from ALL future MLB events and games.

We bet that Julia is happy that she got to flash Cole one more time, even though she can’t do it, literally and figuratively, in person.


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