Julia Rose Hasn’t Posted On Twitter In Nearly A Month? | @JuliaRose_33

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Woah, woah, woah! What the hell is going on? Julia Rose who I’d have to say is one of the best looking females in the entire world hasn’t posted on Twitter in nearly a month? I don’t understand why.

It seems like last year Julia was very active on Twitter, I mean I’m pretty sure it’s one of the only platforms where she wasn’t getting banned. And now? She doesn’t post anything on it? I don’t know if she has Instagram because I looked and couldn’t even find her. Has she disappeared? Not completely. She’s still posting new episodes of her hilarious and much watch podcast, The Shit Show!

Besides that? Seems like she might be taking a little break. So seeing she has been taking a break, take a look at some of the top posts that she’s made this year.

HollyBoob! It seemed like it was forever ago though:

Hopefully she comes back soon. Call me a simp, I don’t care.

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