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Julia Rose Announces That the SHAGMAG’s Official Website Has Been Launched | @SHAGMAG_ @JuliaRose_33

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It is official.

Famous model/influencer Julia Rose and her online magazine, ShagMag, announced throughout social media that ShagMag’s website, shagmag.com, has been launched and is available for viewing.


The website has one condition however, users have to be 18 years or older to access it.

To those who are able to access the website, they can check out all the past issues in which ShagMag has released prior.

You can also view the models who have taken part in the issues’ shoots as well, such as Summer Lynn Hart, Desiree ‘Desi’ Schlotz, and Celina Smith


Along with the shoots and issues on the website, users can also check out the uploads from ‘The Sh*tshow’ podcast, if you are not able to see the videos on YouTube.

There is also a tab for users who are interested on signing up for ShagMag’s uncensored content as well. Their best deal is for $8.25 a month for unlimited access.

If you are interested on using the ShagMag website, feel free to click on any of the links on top of this post.

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