Julia Rose

Julia Rose and Bianca Ghezzi are Streaming a Live Mud Wrestling Event On Patreon| @JuliaRose_33 @BiancaGhezzi

Famous social media models/influencers Julia Rose and Bianca Ghezzi are taking part in live mud wrestling event that can be shown exclusively on Patreon.

All week long both ladies were trash talking one another, asking their followers who they think is going to win.

And their trash talking continued today on their live stories on Instagram.

So right now, we will ask you this… who do YOU think will win in mud wrestling? Julia or Bianca?

No matter what who the winner could be, feel free to follow both ladies on their social media accounts. Here is Twitter and Instagram for Julia and here is Twitter and Instagram for Bianca.

Also feel free to follow Julia’s online magazine ShagMag on Instagram and Twitter.

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