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Julia Rose and Becca Vlaszof Kiss it Out on Recent Episode of ‘The Sh*tshow’ | @JuliaRose_33 @SHAGMAG_ @BiancaGhezzi

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Famous models and influencers Julia Rose, Bianca Ghezzi and Becca Vlaszof and SHAGMAG have just uploaded their newest episode on their breakout podcast to YouTube and social media, ‘The Sh*tshow,’ and man, it is a juicy one.

Their third episode as titled, ‘The Art of Foreplay,’ has them talking about, well, foreplay, men’s grooming styles, and other things.

Also in this episode shows a kiss between Julia and her co-host Becca, in which you can see at around the eleven-minute mark.

Honestly, I’m very hopeful that Bianca will get her kiss to from Julia in the podcast’s near future. She looked kinda jealous based on the title image herself.

If you want to more episodes or what they call ‘quickies’ anytime and anywhere, click here for the show’s YouTube channel.

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