Julia Cole Just Dropped A Fire New E.P – The Same Day I Woke Up From A Dream I Attended Her Concert In Vegas – @JuliaColeMusic

LET’S GO!!!!

You might know this, you might not. If you’ve been following my posts you’ve more than likely read about country music artist Julia Cole.

She’s one of my favorite artists throughout all of music and on top of it she’s an athletic junkie and to add to it all … she’s an absolute smokeshow.

I don’t want to sound weird, but I literally woke up today after having a dream that Julia was in. I was walking down Fremont St. in Las Vegas and I walked into one of the casinos on the street and boom… Julia was having a concert. My mouth just about dropped. *my dream seemed so real* she was performing her song, Mix Tape as I walked in. Yes, I have been to a Julia Cole concert- last summer, she’s an awesome performer. I woke up as soon as I started walking into the concert because it seemed so real… But to have a dream about her seemed a little strange. I checked Instagram as I woke up and boom.. She released her new EP!

It must have been the music gods sending me information through my dream.

Yup! Julia dropped a new EP and it’s a must listen.

The entire EP includes song that you might have heard if you’re apart of the #ColeTeam but also songs that you haven’t heard.

The songs on the EP include: Be Where We Are, Call It, Side Piece, Honey Child, and Trust You.

My favorite is Side Piece.

Click here to go to Julia’s Spotify to listen to the EP.

By Where We Are Lyric/Visualizer:

Here is the Honey Child Lyric Video:

Get it girl!

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