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JuJu Smith-Schuster Is Doing Too Much, Runs Routes With Wig On For TikTok

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Last year when JuJu Smith-Schuster started going viral because of his posts on TikTok, I somewhat didn’t mind it. I thought it was funny at first, it was making me laugh. Then he started doing dances on team’s logos and it started to make people upset. Including myself.

He started asking for trouble and then some Steelers fans even started to grow old of the JuJu TikTok drama. That didn’t bother JuJu though. He kept on dancing.

Now? He’s running routes in wigs for TikTok.

The dude is just doing too much. Like if you want to wear a wig actually, cool. But to do it for TikTok, in a video that isn’t even funny, just seems dumb.

What is life anymore? Remember when receivers started real drama? Now we’ve got WR’s becoming hated because they can’t stop making cringe videos.

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