JR Smith is About To Be Running Around Disney Drunk in Less Than An Hour

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Congrats to the Lakers on winning the NBA Title winning in Game 6 against the Heat. With that being said it brings the return of shirtless JR Smith which is exactly what the world needs right now to bring back some normalize to the world. JR immediately went on to Instagram Live going absolute nuts and I guarantee within the hour JR is going to be running around Disney World drunk out of his mind.

This Laker team man is an NBA meme squad think about it and the character they have; JaVale McGee, Dion Waiters, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, Alex Caruso, and JR Smith. LeBron is really the GOAT how’d he bring this team to the Finals…obviously with the help of AD but outside of that this team has an odd pairing of talent. Think about it like this JaVale McGee is a three time NBA Champion…yes that JaVale that is all featured with Shaq making fun of him. Wow. Anyways if anyone sees JR and the bunch running around Disney naked leave them alone they are leaving the bubble soon, let them have some fun.

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