Josh Richards & Nessa Back Together: Bryce Hall & Addison Rae Are Too Plus Dave Portnoy Tik Tok Drama.

Well what I have learned from Episode 2 of BFFs is that the Tik Tok community is the ultimate SAWFT community. Dave loves the social media beefs with the young Nessa fan base! Which apparently the ten year olds are brutal and have no filters.

Also Nessa and Josh are getting back together, as well as Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are getting back together. I mean that’s huge news, I have no clue who they are but apparently it’s big news. Bryce Hall is famous enough to hang out with Vin Diesel in the Dominican Republic with Vin Diesel’s flock of hot chicks that are also bodyguards right some shit.

Also as a Chief Stadegy Officer of Triller, Josh was made to look bad when Charlie D’Amelio didn’t do the WAP dance on the new platform. Apparently Triller is the new app for older Gen Z’s to use a media platform in which Bryce and Josh are investors and big players in.

Oh shocker right after the podcast Bryce Hall went to work out with Addison Rae. Even though they aren’t but are dating. Final thoughts Josh blew up Nessa but really who cares. I can’t believe I wrote this fucking blog.

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