Josh Richards Asks Nessa Barrett Her Biggest Secrets During Griffin Johnsons Recent YouTube Video

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During Griffin Johnsons most recent YouTube video, Josh Richards asked Nessa Barrett her biggest secrets. It ended up getting pretty juicy.

From the moments of Josh Richards being romantic to the terrible gifts Josh has bought her there was some pretty juicy questions. Richards bought her basketball jerseys this past Christmas that didn’t fit her and then he just wore them instead of them going to waste. Basically at the end of the day he bought himself basketball jerseys.

They even talked about who Nessa first dated, meeting Josh, Josh blowing her off at first. How it was hard to hangout with Josh because of her dad being with her.

She made it clear that Josh won’t be in any music videos, Nessa is taking music very seriously. The entire video is solid and filled with questions that fans have been wanting to know.

Ps…. Josh must be packin’

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