Josh McDaniels loses his agent

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Gee whiz. Can we PLEASE stop talking about Josh McDaniels already? Ugh. After pulling off of the most snake like, deviant, and all out disgusting moves that any NFL coach has done, Josh McDaniels’ image has taken quite a hit. However, that isn’t all that has happened.

Less than 24 hours after withdrawing his name for the Indianapolis Colts’ head coaching search, his agent Bob LaMonte ended his partnership with the New England Patriots offensive coordinator. The two will no longer be working together.

Bob LaMonte was expecting McDaniels to ask a question about preparation for Wednesday’s scheduled news conference in Indianapolis. When McDaniels told him he was staying in New England, LaMonte initially scuffed at his decision. He adamantly stated to McDaniels that he was “committing professional suicide” by pulling out of the search and fleeing back to Foxboro.

LaMonte was clearly irate at how the situation played out and felt like he had been betrayed by McDaniels. He stated that his trust was violated and once that happens, there is absolutely nothing left. Harsh, yet no truer words have been spoken.

This, however is not the first time LaMonte and McDaniels have parted ways. They have worked on and off over the years. This is actually their second breakup. The two went on hiatus after McDaniels left the then St. Louis Rams as their OC to rejoin the Patriots prior to a 2011 playoff game against the Denver Broncos.

However, LaMonte also is the agent for none other than embattled Colts general manager Chris Ballard. Starting to make sense now? Yeah. I bet. This ain’t lookin’ good for nobody.

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