Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes Blew a Major Opportunity Tonight

For starters, lets just take a second to applaud 5PM Monday night football. I mean, wow, what an innovation. As east coast scum myself, I typically am not privy to such a ballgame, but wow am I enjoying it. You get done with a hard days work and you’ve gotta ballgame waiting for you right away. With a schedule like this, its shocking to me that the west coast hasn’t taken over the country yet.

On top of the absolutely arousing time slot, you’ve got two freaking gunslingers out there. Its only the second quarter right now, and I’d estimate that Allen and Mahomes have combined for about 35 deep shots already.

Despite what has been an overall pornographic display of football thus far, one glaring missed opportunity stands out to me. Mahomes and Allen have two of the strongest arms in the game, and a throw off between the two has been teased for quite some time. Yet, the men didn’t do it today!

C’mon boys, were in a pandemic here, give us the show we’ve all been waiting for. I wanna see these dudes stand on the goal line, throw the ball at the same time, and see which man comes closer to chucking the pigskin out of the stadium. This competition must happen, and although the boys blew a golden opportunity today, I have faith it’ll happen sometime in the future.

PS: Harrison Butker just missed an extra point and I’m convinced its gonna completely screw over chiefs -5.5.

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