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Josh (a-ah) Played Against Bills’ Mafia

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Typical Patriots came out winning against the Bills’ Mafia in Monday night’s game (surprising that this was the first Bills Monday game in over a decade). So, what happened? Though this game was pretty boring tbh; Brady didn’t throw a touchdown pass which I thought was unusual, but the big news in this was that Josh Gordon, who was reported to miss this game for missing team meetings did end up playing and did his job.

Patterson was almost the exclusive carrier throughout the game last night and he played really well with lots of yards gained, but that Buffalo defense is a tough one, and we barely got by them with essentially only getting points on the board by field goals (it was a field goal frenzy last night)!

Devin McCourty had a game changing pick-six to give the Pats the momentum they needed to keep going and end the game with spirits high. Now with a short week to prepare for Sundays game against the Packers and the supposed GOAT (Rogers), our GOAT will end that debate once and for all.


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