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Jose Canseco Put On Blast For Sending Weird Texts To Ring Girls After Rough N Rowdy | @JoseCanseco

Jose Canseco just continues to go down hill. Most recently he gave up during a fight and now he’s being called out for sending some weird texts to ring girls.

Th is ring girl who posted the screenshot of a text also fought in Rough n Rowdy.

Her name is Kacey Wheeler and she’s a dime! I don’t blame Canseco for trying!

Trying is one thing but after Wheeler mentioned Canseco being her dads age he sent her a picture of him shirtless from years ago and it seemed a little strange.


Pretty bad that he lost the fight. Made $1M. And is still being turned down. YIKES!

You can see part of the text chain here:

She also called him out during the Rough N Rowdy fights when she said that he also slid into other DMs of Ring girls. If only we could read the entire text chain.

Like I said, I don’t blame him. Wheeler is a dime. But the texts just seemed a little off. But then again… it’s Jose Canseco. What else do you expect?

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