Jorge Masvidal vs Leon Edwards needs to be 5 rounds

Today it was announced that Leon Edwards is gonna fight Jorge Masvidal in December, and I could not be more excited. These two have a pretty rocky history considering Jorge completely pieced up Edwards backstage in London a couple of years ago, so I cannot wait to see these guys settle things inside the cage. Buuuuuttttt why exactly is this a 3 round fight?

I guess no announcement has been made as to the duration of the bout, but if it’s any less than 5 rounds we’re getting robbed out of ten minutes of the most high-quality violence one could ask for. I can’t imagine anything more painful than watching these guys slug it out for three rounds, and then the fight just ending when we could be getting two more rounds.

That would be like going on a date with Megan Fox and deciding to go your separate ways after dinner, even though you have the opportunity to bring her back to your house. Speaking of, I’d actually love it if Megan Fox stopped going to UFC fights. Yeah, she’s hot and all, but she always does that weird tongue kiss thing with her boyfriend on camera and there’s just no place for that in a professional cage fighting event.

Also, keep in mind that if Covington wins and Masvidal wins then we get Jorge vs Colby for the title. I understand that nobody wants to see Colby Covington as UFC champion, but c’mon, that would be one of the most electric fights in UFC history. Uncle Dana might slip some laxitive in Usman’s water on fight night just so we can see that one happen.

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