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Jon Moxley Sends A Message To Chris Jericho, The Inner Circle & The Elite Battle, Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano Brawl & A Pair of NXT Title Matches Cause Chaos – WWE NXT & AEW Dynamite Results | #WWENXT #AEWDynamite

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Another Wednesday of Professional Wrestling is in the books & per usual, it did not disappoint. Without anymore time being wasted, let’s see what happened on NXT & AEW.

Let’s get into the action…

NXT Review

Segment 1 – We’re shown a video package of all of last week’s events then Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center & announces that our first match will be NXT North American Champion, Keith Lee defending his title against Cameron Grimes. The 2 make their entrance, get introduced by ring announcer, Alicia Taylor & the bell rings as this title match is officially underway. Lee shows his power early as he stops a couple of take-down attempts from Grimes. Grimes eventually gets some offense in but Lee again stops his momentum. Grimes hits a super-kick, follows it up with a roundhouse kick, lifts Lee up for a massive German suplex, goes for the cover but Lee is able to kick out as the crowd goes crazy with “NXT” chants. Lee drills Grimes with a Big Pounce out of nowhere follows it up with the Big Catastrophe & gets the 3-count to retain. STILL NXT North American Champion, Keith Lee. After the match, Damian Priest appears from behind Lee as Lee was celebrating & Priest drops Lee with a knight-stick shot. Dominik Dijakovic runs down to chase off Priest, Dijakovic hands Lee back his title then Lee snaps & drills Dijakovic with a Big Catastrophe because Lee thought it was Dijakovic who attacked him.

Segment 2 – Women’s Ladder Match Qualifier – Mia Yim vs Dakota Kai (with Raquel Gonzalez). The match is underway & both ladies engage in a back & forth for a few minutes before Kai tries to expose the protective pad on one of the turnbuckles but Yim drills her with a power-bomb, Gonzalez distracts the referee but Yim is the one to take advantage & hits Kai with the Protect Ya Neck & gets the 3-count. Mia Yim defeats Dakota Kai to earn the 2nd spot in the # 1 Contender’s Women’s Ladder Match at NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay.

Segment 3 – Kushida vs Raul Mendoza. Kushida gets the quick win after hitting a Spanish Fly into an arm-bar then gets the tap by Mendoza for the submission victory. After the match, we see NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley’s appearance on RAW, this past Monday night when she laid out Charlotte with a right hand.

Segment 4 – We see Tyler Breeze backstage, being interviewed & talks about how much the WWE Performance Center means to him but is interrupted by Austin Theory who introduces himself & the pair take a picture & talk among themselves as the segment ends.

Segment 5 – NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley comes out to the ring & talks about how defending her title at WrestleMania 36 will be the biggest match of her career & out comes her opponent, Charlotte who is heavily boo’d. They argue for a moment then start brawling as Charlotte gets the upper-hand with a figure-four leg-lock then starts kicking Ripley’s knee before she taunts the Champion & walks away. We then see a video package of Finn Balor at the airport on his way to NXT UK to confront NXT UK Champion,WALTER.

Segment 6 – Women’s Ladder Match Qualifier – Tegan Nox vs Deonna Purrazzo. Nox gets the squash win after planting a Shining Wizard on Deonna for the pin-fall victory. Tegan Nox joins Chelsea Green & Mia Yim as the first 3 participants in the NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay match.

Segment 7 – NXT Tag-Team Championship Match – The Broserweights (C) (Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne) vs The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reily & Bobby Fish). This is quicker then their past encounter, but is a solid match, as expected. The 2 teams hit some of their signature offense, Adam Cole & Roderick Strong come out to the ring but eventually get kicked out by the referee as the crowd all wave goodbye to the pair. The Grizzled Young Vets also come out to the ring but Dunne takes both of them out then Riddle & Dunne hit their signature double-team finisher on O’Reilly for the victory to retain. STILL NXT Tag-Team Champions, The Broserweights.

Segment 8 – Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring then begins to talk about Johnny Gargano & Gargano pops up on the big-screen. Ciampa runs to the back to find him & the 2 start brawling throughout the entire Performance Center before returning to the ring area where they get up on a staged area above the commentary table, they brawl on top of it, Gargano locks in a submission, but Ciampa gets him up & they go flying through the table below as the crowd goes crazy & the show goes off the air.

AEW Dynamite Review

Segment 1 – Tony Schiavone is interviewing Adam Page, backstage as the show begins. Tony asks Page who his mystery partner is, for tonight. The Young Bucks are with him & Matt Jackson asks Page if that’s why he’s there & Page says he wants someone who he can trust as his partner, laughs & says that’s the opposite reason of why Matt’s there. Page then says he doesn’t want Matt, but maybe he’ll take his nicer, more talented brother, Nick Jackson. Page then asks Nick if he has his gear & if he’s okay after he “beat Nick’s ass” at Revolution, 2 weeks ago. Page says his partner is a mystery & walks off, Matt says he hopes Nick isn’t actually considering being that jerk’s partner & he & Nick also walk off.

Segment 2 – Cody vs Ortiz. Ortiz makes his way to the ring with his tag-team partner, Ortiz then Cody makes his entrance with his wife, Brandi & coach, Arn Anderson. The match begins & the pair engage in a quick back & forth then Jake “The Snake” Roberts make his way through the crowd with Lance Archer who is make his company debut as the crowd chants “Holy Shit”. Roberts & Archer take a seat in the front row & Cody & Ortiz continue their brawl. Ortiz takes control of a distracted Cody, throws him out of the ring & Santana takes a cheap shot at Cody at ringside. Arn Anderson & Santana start bickering back & forth at ringside as Ortiz throws Cody in the ring, hits him with a splash, goes for the cover but Cody is able to kick out. Ortiz continues his assault & starts dancing in the middle of the ring. Cody finally gets the upper-hand & rains down punches on a cornered Ortiz. He takes off his weight belt & tosses it into the crowd as he usually does. Ortiz takes control back after Cody was distracted by Santana as the pair head up to the top rope. Cody knocks down Ortiz then Santana grabs Cody’s leg so he can’t jump but Brandi drills Santana with her belt & knocks him off of the apron. Ortiz gets back to the top rope & nails Cody with a superplex, goes for the cover but Cody kicks out at 2. Santana & Arn Anderson face-off on the outside of the ring but Cody drills Santana with a dive through the ropes, Ortiz tries to hit Cody with his own dive but Cody catches him & plants him with a slam on the stage. Lance Archer teases as if he’s going to jump over the barricade but backs off. Cody takes Ortiz back into the ring but gets rolled up by Ortiz, Cody rol;s him up as well, goes for the Cross-Rhodes but Ortiz counters it with a punch, Cody takes Ortiz down & goes for the figure-four submission & locks it in right in the center of the ring. Ortiz rolls over & reverses the pressure but Cody reverses it right back & Ortiz taps out. Cody defeats Ortiz via submission. After the match, Cody is celebrating on the top rope but Santana comes in & hits him with the loaded sock he & Ortiz always carry around. Arn gets in the ring, Matt Jackson & Kenny Omega run down to the ring & Santana escapes through the crowd. As Cody, Omega & Matt Jackson are in the ring, Chris Jericho, Jake Hager & Sammy Guevara show up on the big-screen. Jericho calls The Elite a bunch of pumpkin headed dip-shits. Jericho shows Matt’s brother, Nick unconscious stuck under a garage door while bleeding from the mouth. The Inner Circle laughs as they walk away & Matt Jackson, Cody & Kenny Omega rush to the back to help Nick as we go to a commercial break.

Segment 3 – Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose & Bear Priestley. The match begins & Nyla & Bea go right after their opponents& toss Statlander out of the ring. It’ll be Nyla & Shida officially starting this one off. Nyla decks Shida with a nmasty clothesline & a leg drop, goes for the cover but Shida kicks out. Nyla tags in Bea who tosses Shida into the corner & unloads a few kicks to a cornered Shida. Bea continues her beat-down for awhile before she tags Nyla back in. The AEW Women’s Champion plants Shida with a suplex, goes for a cover but Shida just kicks out before the 3-count as we go to a break. Back from the break & it’s Statlander & Bea in the ring. Statlander drills Bea with a power-bomb then tags in Shida who suplexes Statlander into Bea who’s stuck in the corner. Shida nails Bea with a running knee to the back of the head as Bea makes the tag to Nyla & Nyla knocks Statlander off the apron before Shida can make a tag. Statlander moves Shida out of the way of a flying knee by Nyla then Shida drills Nyla with a suplex, goes for the cover but Nyla kicks out. Shida plants Nyla with a brain-buster, goes for the cover but Bea nails Shida with a super-kick to break the count. Shida hits a superplex on Bea then gets ran over by Nyla who then hits a “Beast Bomb” & gets the 3-count for the victory. Nyla Rose & Bea Priestly defeat Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander. After the match, Bea attacks Nyla then grabs the AEW Women’s Championship & celebrates with it then tosses it back to Nyla before walking out of the ring.

Segment 4 – We see a video package highlighting SCU attacking The Dark Order at AEW Revolution. Then we see a video of Christopher Daniels mocking The Dark Order’s promos with his own version of one & says there isn’t an Exalted One. He then challenges Evil Uno & Stu Grayson each to singles matches whenever they want so he can expose that there’s no Exalted One after he beats them & nobody comes & saves them.

Segment 5 – 6-Man Tag-Team Match – The Butcher & The Blade (with The Bunny) & MJF (with Wardlow) vs The Jurassic Express. The bell rings & the match is underway as MJF & Marko Stunt will start the match. MJF throws Marko across the ring & celebrates, then turns around & see Luchasaurus who’s standing behind him, MJF then tags in The Butcher. MJF distracts Lucha & Butcher & Blade take out his knees, MJF tags back in, drops some kicks on a cornered Lucha, he tags in The Blade, who drops some kicks on him, then tags in The Butcher who drops some kicks on him, then tags in MJF who continues the kicking barrage. MJF yells in his face then Lucha grabs him by the throat but The Butcher & Blade hold him down so he can’t touch MJF who then takes him down with a slam, goes for the cover but Lucha kicks out at 1 as we head to a commercial. Back from the commercial & Jurassic Express is all over the heel trio. Each member hits a diving move over the top rope, capped off by a extremely impressive one-legged dive by Luchasaurus onto MJF. Lucha plants MJF with a power-bomb in middle of the ring, Jungle Boy & Lucha both pin MJF but Butcher throws Marko into the pile to break up the count at 2. Marko & MJF are the legal participants & Marko rains down kicks to a cornered MJF & the crowd is eating it up. Bunny distracts referee, Aubrey Edwards, Wardlow takes out Luchasaurus, Butcher throws Jungle Boy out of the ring & MJF gets Marko Stunt to tap out with an arm-bar. MJF, The Butcher & The Blade defeat Jurassic Express via submission.

Segment 6 – After the match, we see a video package of last week;s match between Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara against Darby Allin & Jon Moxley then we see a brief video package of Darby Allin in a weird, dark outside area. Tony Schiavone is shown on the stage & he introduces Britt Baker. Britt does her usual heel promo talking trash about the city & fans. She calls the crowd fat & says they have horrible dental hygiene then says she’s here to be everyone’s role-model & will lead each & every one of them. Tony says she’s not making herself any friends as Big Swole comes out to the stage. She says Tony doesn’t like her & Britt says she’s not relevant & then says the only person relevant in her household that wrestles is her boyfriend (Cedric Alexander), Swole says “I’m married, bay bay” (referencing Britt’s husband, Adam Cole’s key-phrase). Britt throws a coffee into Swole’s face then runs away as we head to a commercial break.

Segment 7 – Back from the break, we see Joey Janela & Private Party make their entrances & then the newly formed, Death Triangle trio with PAC, Rey Fenix & Pentagon. This 6-man tag-team match is underway as PAC & Marq start the match. The team’s go back & forth for awhile before Maqr drills Fenix with a shooting star press, goes for the cover but Pentagon drills Marq with a super-kick to break up the count. Pentagon is then tagged in by Fenix & Death Triangle all drill Marq in the corner with a series of kicks & knees, Pentagon goes for the cover, but Marq is able to kick out after a 2-count. The teams trade some more back & forth for a couple of minutes before Joey Janela nails PAC with a diving elbow off the top rope, goes for the cover but PAC kicks out. Pentagon drills Janela with a super-kick to the back, Fenix hits one to Janela’s face & Lucha Bros hit their finisher on Janela then PAC hits a corkscrew flip on Janela & picks up the win after he gets the 3-count. After the match, Death Triangle apply a triple face-lock on all 3 of their opponents but Best Friends & Orange Cassidy run down to chase them off. We then see Dustin backstage & he says he doesn’t care what Adam Page says, he’s going to be his partner, tonight because The Inner Circle need to get their ass-kicked & he’s going to be the one to help him & they’re going to do some Cowboy shit as we go to commercial.

Segment 8 – Back from the break & we see the rules for the Blood & Guts Match, in 2 weeks between The Inner Circle & The Elite. The main rule is that the match will only end via submission or if a participant quits. Jim Ross sat down with AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley in the hotel lobby, earlier today, which we now see. Ross says that the AEW medical staff has banned Moxley from the arena & Moxley says he’s feeling sore but he calls out Jake Hager & says it;s going to be a hell of a task to overcome all 5 members of The Inner Circle but it’ll happen one way or another as we head to another break.

Segment 9 – Back from the break & The Inner Circle are making their way to the ring as Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara are in tag-team action against Adam Page & Dustin Rhodes. The bell rings & the match begins. Jericho drills Page with a drop kick out of the ring as Page is surrounded by Hager, Santana & Ortiz then Jericho grabs a fan’s beer & takes a sip then calls himself a Cowboy. Page grabs the drink out of Jericho’s hand & downs it before he’s blasted by Guevara with a dropkick on the apron. After a bit more back & forth between the teams then Page drills Guevara with a Buckshot Lariat, goes for the cover & gets the 3-count for the win. After the match, The Inner Circle swarm the ring & attack Page & Dustin. Kenny Omega comes out to help but gets rocked with the Judas Effect by Jericho. Cody runs out to assist but Hager plants him with a vicious slam & tosses him out of the ring as Ortiz is waiting & hits Cody with a suplex on the stage ramp. Hager drags Page to the stage while Jericho hits Cody with a steel chair. Santana, Ortiz & Hager go for the same power-bomb off the stage that they hit Jon Moxley with, last week but Matt Jackson comes out & takes out the entire Inner Circle as he locks eyes with Adam Page then flips him off. Jericho comes out of nowhere & drills them both with a steel chair as The Inner Circle stand over Jackson’s body while flipping him off as the show goes off the air.

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