JohnnyB Sticking Up For Jeffrey Toobin Jerking Off On A Zoom Call Whiling Sitting On A Zoom A Week After Touching Himself On Zoom Has Me Scared – @JohnnyBofPSE


There isn’t many things at PSE that get me worried but recently that’s the story of JohnnyB.

While watching tonight’s Pro Sports Extra LIVE stream – they’re playing music and trivia. Apparently they’re attempting to get our YouTube shut down. That’s probably SpikedRob the same person who has a weekly show that YouTube bitches about playing music every week. Dude’s a lawyer?

Oh yeah, Johnny. I forgot who I was bitching about. JohnnyB.

During tonights stream JB stuck up for Jeffrey Toobin. Yeah, the lawyer CNN guy was just caught jerking it on a zoom call.

I can’t believe that no one said that it was CRAZY that Johnny was sticking up for him. Literally Johnny is sitting at home on a ZOOM call and sticking up for an old man jerking it on a zoom call.

Remember the clips from like last week? Didn’t Johnny have his hands in his pants for an hour? Weird.

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