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Johnny Manziel Signs Agreement With AAF

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Johnny Manziel is now available to join an AAF team. During a media conference with San Antonio Commanders general manager Daryl “Moose” Johnston on Sunday afternoon will go over the signing in greater detail.

But… Manziel might not end up joining the Commanders, who had first crack at his rights by way of the Alliance’s allocation system. There is a rule that the team with the lowest winning % get’s to claim the player.

Manziel was recently kicked out of the CFL, but Manziel “contravened the agreement which made him eligible to play in the league.” He will make the same amount as every other player, 3 years, $250,000.

In a conference call with reporters two weeks ago, AAF Head of Football Bill Polian said the league’s due diligence on Manziel was roughly 50 percent complete.

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