Johnny Drama (Who Broke Tom Brady’s Driver in an episode of ‘Entourage’) is trending on Twitter due to Tom Brady’s Struggles During #TheMatch

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Tom Brady is of course paired up with Phil Mickelson to take on Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in a charity golf match this fine Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately for Tom, he was having some struggles on the course and is the butt of everyone’s jokes (literally).

People were equating it to the episode of Entourage, when the boys are paired against Mark Wahlberg and Tom in a charity golf match of their own.

Tom lets Johnny Chase use his driver and Johhny shows why they call him “Drama”:

People have been saying that Brady has been playing with the broken club this entire match.

Brady does have an excuse, however. He is obviously still playing in the NFL and can’t spend all day on the course like the others.

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