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Joey Janela’s ”Spring Break 4” Results 10/10/20: Matt Tremont’s Last GCW Show

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Joey Janela’s ”Spring Break 4” presented by Game Changer Wrestling from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 🇺🇸 at Marion County Fairgrounds live on FITE TV:

This event was to take place during WrestleMania Week back in April but it was cancelled because of the virus pandemic. They decided to still keep the name as it’s become a popular indie pro wrestling brand name.

Lenny Leonard, Dave Prazack, and Kevin Gill are the broadcast team.

GCW World Champion Rickey Shane Page came out and issued an Open Challenge. It was answered by Orange Cassidy.

Orange Cassidy pinned RSP with the mouse trap but it was a non-title match. Atticus Cogar tried to interfere as Cassidy was on the top rope, but Cassidy casually pushed him off. Cogar crashed through a door that was set up between two chairs on the floor. Believe it or not, Cassidy was originally supposed to face Minoru Suzuki on the previously scheduled 4/3/20 date.

A video package on Matt Tremont aired. Tonight will be his final GCW match. He will retire on 10/30/20.

Shane Mercer and KTB beat Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz when Mercer pinned Wentz after a German Suplex double team finisher. Xavier did a dive to the outside before the finish but Mercer and KTB held up a door to use as a shield and Xavier crashed right into it. Mercer then gave him a hip toss on the door to break it in half.

Jonathan Gersham beat Lee Moriarty by submission with the octopus hold and elbow strikes. Great technical wrestling match. Moriarty kicked out of three running elbow strikes to the back of the head before the finish and earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

Chris Dickinson, Santana and Ortiz beat Blake Christian, Jordan Oliver, and Alex Zayne when Dickinson pinned Christian after the Pazuzu Bomb.

Tony Deppen pinned Alex Shelley with a La Magistal Cradle.

Lio Rush pinned ACH after a frog splash. They hugged and shook hands after.

Ricky Morton beat Joey Janela by submission after reversing a figure four leg lock. Good match as Morton continues to amaze and impress in 2020 at age 64. Morton gave Janela a pile driver through a table on the floor but Janela got up almost immediately. He rammed Morton headfirst into the ring post and used a chair to ram him in the face. Morton bled as Janela had the camera get a close-up. He taunted Jim Cornette because Morton is Cornette’s friend. Morton gave Janela a DVD on the apron. Janela covered Morton with a door and gave him a flying elbow drop but Morton kicked out. Morton gave Janela a Canadian Destroyer off the ropes out of the corner.

The ClusterFuck Match is next. Rumble style entry with pins, submission, over the top rope and leaving the building as eliminations.

#1- Spyder Nate Webb

#2- JTG

#3- Jimmy Llyod

#4- Bo Raddik

#5- Starboy Charlie

#6- Flash Flanagan

#7- Sugar Dunkertin

#8- Allie Kat

#9- Kung Fu Janela (Joey Janela doing an alter ego gimmick)

#10- Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini enter together

Ku and Garrini eliminated Flanagan by pin.

Ku and Garrini eliminate JTG by pin.

#11- Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful enter together

#12- Willow Nightingale and Solo Darling enter together

#13- Levi Everett

#14- Cassandro

#15- Dustin Thomas

#16- Kerry Morton (the son of Ricky Morton)

#17- Cody Lane

#18- Jody Threat

#19- Juicy

#20- Calvin Tankman

Tankman eliminated Ku and Garrini by pin at the same time.

Tankman eliminated Awful and Iggy by pin at the same time.

Tankman eliminated Morton and Lane by over the top rope.

Tankman pinned big Juicy after a DVD.

#21- Billie Starkz

#22- Alex Cogar and 44OH enter together

Starkz and Cassandro were eliminated by 44OH.

44OH eliminated Jody Threat

#23- Elayna Black

#24- Effy, AJ Gray, Matthew Justice and others enter

#25- Nasty Leroy

#26- The Walmart Guys enter

#27- Cabana Man Dan

#28- Parrow

Parrow eliminated Nightingale and Darling by pin at the same time.

Parrow eliminated Cabana Man by pin.

Parrow eliminated Manders by pin.

#29- Frank The Clown and Robert Anthony enter together

#30- The Invisible Man

Invisible Man eliminated Everett by over the top rope.

Thomas eliminated Parrow by over the top.

Thomas eliminated himself accidentally by over the top rope diving on Parrow.

Tankman eliminated Anthony and Frank.

#31- Young Dumb and Broke enter together

Young Dumb and Broke eliminated Black.

#32- Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay enter (not to be confused with Ian Ziering and Luke Perry as Leonard makes a Donna Martin reference)

Sanders and Mackay eliminated.

#33- John Thorne

Allie Kat eliminates Thorne over the top.

#34- Logan Stunt

#35- Marko Stunt

A couple of unidentified people eliminated.

Marko eliminated Logan by over the top.

Logan eliminated Marko by pulling him out of the ring.

Bo Raddik eliminated.

Walmart Guys eliminated.

#36- ThunderKitty

Invisible Man eliminated Justice and Mance Warner over the top and then Effy.

#37- Yoshihiko

Yoshihiko pins Invisible Man for the elimination.

Yoshihiko eliminates Jimmy Llyod by pin after a few Canadian Destoyers.

Nate Webb eliminated Yoshihiko by chair sault for the pin.

#38- Shark Boy

Shark Boy eliminated ThunderKitty by pin after a stunner.

Shark Boy eliminated Kat after a stunner. Webb eliminated Leroy after a stunner.

Star Boy eliminated Shark Boy after a stunner for the pin.

Cogar eliminated Star Boy holding the tights for the pin.

AJ Gray eliminated Tankman after a lariat for the pin.

Cogar threw a big fireball to pin Gray.

Spyder Nate Webb pinned Alex Cogar to win the match.

Alex Colon pinned Matt Tremont in a Light Tube Death Match after hitting him over the head with a rake lined with light tubes.

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